Getting started
You can create youtube playlists using this tool. Just put some titles of music clips into the textfield, seperated by enters, and generate a playlist. You can play this playlist on your computer using VLC media player. Here are some examples of what you can type into the textfield:
Brian Adams - Summer of 69
money money money abba
AC/DC Highway to hell
Why register?
With a registered account you can save your playlists so you will never loose them anymore. You can download and run your playlists anytime and anywhere where you have internet access.
It is also possible to download playlists on your media PC or (original) xbox using a XBMC script. It download's and plas's saved playlists right from the internet, so there is no need to always update your playlists on your media PC or xbox!
Create a playlist
Enter the search strings for your music or the direct URL to a video:

upload a playlist
Or edit a m3u playlist by uploading one (created here or created by yourself):